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Master Thesis Procedure

  • In your 3rd Semester you are planning your Master Thesis early! You find a professor and discuss the topic with him.
  • If the professor agrees, you normally write a good Exposee (see below) with your plan, timetable, the structure of the thesis (1-2- levels deep), an architecture picture, etc.
  • Then you fill out some forms. One for the topic with the name of the advisor, the title, some tags (ML, Data Science, etc.) and let the advisor sign this. The second one has the open courses you have. You can have at most x courses / y ECTS open to apply for the master thesis. The forms can be found here (ToDo: Add links)
  • Then you formally apply in the semester before you want to write your thesis.
  • In non Corona times you will wait 1-3 months for the exam board to reply with a letter containing the start and the end date for your thesis! In Corona times you might wait much longer! Please take this into account and apply as early as possible. This letter by Beuth will also include the randomly choosen second reviewer prof. In case of an industriy topic, the second supervisor might be from the industry.
  • Then you write your thesis for 5 months (see StuPrO in the doc section!)
  • Please note that an extension of this time is not possible unless a doctor confirms serious health issues! You should assume 2 weeks of sickness in your timeline.

Please translate this link and find all the docs here!

Master Thesis Expectations

(if references are in German, please translate with deepl.com)

  • Expectations from the CS point of view for Data Science link
  • Guideline by Prof. Edlich link

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are the deadlines for the Master Thesis?

For next SoSe : Antrag bis 13.Feb
For next WiSE : Antrag bis 17.Jul