FAQ: Frequent Questions and Answers

Question 1: What about the tuition fee for this Master?

This master has no tuition fee. According to the German law most public University courses are free. However there is a small fee on stake for uni-assist if you apply and our University has a small fee for registration and the public transportation for each semester (around 330€).

Question 2: How many places are available each year?

We only have 22 seats each year starting in October. So make sure to apply for one. But of course we do plan to increase the capacity subsequently in the next years.

Question 3: Is there a list of centres for language certification?

Question 4: Is this a full time Master?

Yes. You have roughly 6 courses (each 4 hours) a week. See the curriculum.

Question 5: I can not find your Data Science Master in UNI-Assist?!

Use the menü item "search study offer" and choose: [qualification->Master],[University interested in, Berlin, Beuth Hochschule für Technik] and in the free field below enter 'Data-Science'! Klick 'Start Search' and we apprear.

Question 6: I have a question converning UNI-ASSIST?

Please read the respective FAQ.

Question 7: Is this Master open for all international Students?

Yes, it is.

Question 8: Will I qualify for your program with my ECTS and my English?

Please do not send us a bunch of PDF certificates. Do the following: Make a list like this:

MATH / STATISTICS: (example) => usually 4 courses needed

  • Math 1 -> 5 ECTS
  • Statistics 2 -> 8 ECTS
  • Probability 3 -> 4 ECTS
  • Linear Algebra 4 -> 5 ECTS
  • TOTAL: 22

COMPUTER SCIENCE: (example) => usually 5 courses needed

  • Programming 1 -> 4 ECTS
  • Software Engineering -> 5 ECTS
  • Databases 3 -> 6 ECTS
  • course 4 -> 5 ECTS
  • course 5 -> 5 ECTS
  • TOTAL: 25

Please note: at least 75% of all ECTS must be proven by University courses! The rest can be done via coursera etc. but with certificates.

Question 9: Is there a GPA limit? How do you select?

First we check if the ECTS are ok. We do have no fixed GPA limit. But then we must take the GPA equivalent of the Bachelor into account if we have too many applicants.

Question 10: I had English in School and one English course at the university. Is this a sufficient B2 English equivalent?

It is unfortunately not. Only an English School or an English Bachelor (instruction language English) could be taken into account. Or B2 on the school certificate (as stated in the OZI).

Question 11: I have problems with the Beuth application system!

Please have a look at the red error message below in the system. Mostly wrong dates are the reason (as e.g. 14.03.0199 and have the German date format in mind! DD.MM.YYYY). Otherwise try to clean cookies & browserdata and try all browsers!

Question 12: Please can you tell me about my application status? (I need it fast for my VISA process).
Unfortunately this is not our task. The Beuth Administration (Studienverwaltung) will decide who is in and who not and will inform you. Mostly in the first half of August.